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Our Mission

Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham (DPAW) is dedicated to developing, overseeing & maintaining a safe, secure dog park in Wareham where people exercise & train their dogs off-leash while providing social & recreational opportunities for people as well as their dogs. DPAW will promote responsible dog ownership in the community through educational, recreational & training opportunities working in conjunction with town agencies, area businesses, civic groups & other animal groups.

Our Story

In 2014, a group of local dog owners shared the common dream of seeing a public space developed... where dog owners and their dogs could enjoy each other in an off-leash experience! AKA a dog park!!


In 2016 that dream began to take shape with the creation of a non-profit, volunteer organization, Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham ( DPAW); an organization dedicated to developing, overseeing and maintaining a premier dog park in Wareham.

After much hard work, and tenacious perseverance by the members of DPAW, the dream started to become a reality. Funding for the park is being worked towards with grants, fundraising, and CPC funds from the town. Through a collaborative effort with the Town of Wareham, spacious property with potential for future growth was able to be secured.  In the spring of 2017, the dream of seeing a dog park in Wareham became a reality when local residents and town officials voted to proceed with bringing a dog park to Wareham!

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