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General Rules:


  • Have fun & be safe!

  • Park hours; opens at dawn, closes at dusk

  • Smoking or vaping of any product is not allowed anywhere in the park

  • Disposal of waste is required, dog waste receptacles are provided- all other trash is carry in carry out.

  • All dogs must wear their current rabies and dog license tags at all times.

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times outside the fenced areas, entering and exiting the park. Park users must have a leash on hand for each dog at all times.

  • Dogs that become aggressive must IMMEDIATELY be removed from the park. Users of the park are legally responsible for any injuries inflicted by their dogs.

  • For safety reasons, children under the age of (5) years old are not allowed in the fenced area of the dog park. All minors under (16) years of age must have adult supervision.

  • Prevent your dogs from digging holes, and fill in if appropriate

The following are NOT ALLOWED in the Wareham Dog Park:


  1.  Aggressive dogs

  2. Dogs not neutered/ spayed or are in heat

  3. Puppies under (4) months of age

  4. Dogs without owners/handler supervision

  5. Dog food, human food, glass containers, alcohol or smoking or vaping of any product

  6. Spiked collars, retractable leashes, e-collars or dog toys

  7. More than (2) dogs per person

  8. Skateboards, carriages, strollers, bicycles, rollerblades

  9. Animals other than dogs

  10. Individual or group training

For Emergencies Please Call The Wareham Police @ 508-295-1212

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