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Why a Dog Park?

Having a local dog park available for dogs and their owners to recreate together can provide many great benefits.


Not only does it benefit dogs and their owners but it also can benefit the greater community itself.

Most people probably see a dog park as a fun place for a dog to run and play off-leash, but did you know how beneficial they can be to a community? Studies have shown that one of the main reasons dogs display behavioral problems is because they are not getting enough


Did you know that dog parks can help make communities safer by offering a secure area for dogs to play and socialize, without getting in the way of others?


The benefit of socialization between pets typically makes for calmer, less aggressive animals, which means they are less likely to attack. Behavior problems are the number one reason pets are brought to
shelters or abandoned.


Having access to a dog park, means your dog can get the exercise they need, while also becoming socialized.

Dog parks aren’t just fun and exercise for your pet. Dog parks also give you a way to become more involved in your community. Where else can you go where you can be surrounded by dog lovers like yourself? You can ask questions, get training tips and swap information about dog
food, toys, groomers, medicines and more.


Plus, dog parks are a great place to learn about pet friendly organizations, activities and events happening in town. 


If you are interested in seeing a Dog Park developed in Wareham check out our contact information listed; follow us on Facebook; check out our website, sign up to volunteer!
“Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham”(DPAW), a non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing a Dog Park to Wareham.

Welcome To 

Wareham Dog Park

Sponsored by DPAW & The Town of Wareham
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Phase 1- 100% Complete
      * $10,000 goal: Grant Submission Requirement 
         (This was to show the Stanton Foundation that DPAW, the people and the town                             
                    are committed to developing and maintaining the park for many years to come!)
Phase 2- 30%
      * $20,000 goal: Conceptual Park Plan & Engineering Cost
         (This is required to break ground and begin development)